Attendance Policy

Good attendance is a vital component of the total educational process. It is the position of Carroll High School that every class meeting is important and that anything less than perfect attendance will have a detrimental effect on the individual student and his/her grade.

Students at Carroll High School must have a parent or guardian contact the school at 637-7064 by 10:00 A.M. on the day of the student’s absence.  If no contact is made by 10:00 A.M. on the day of absence, the student will be marked unverified.  A message may be left on school voicemail 24 hours a day at 637-7064.  Any change of attendance status must be reported by the parent within 24 hours following the student’s return to school.  Freshman students must follow the same procedure as above, but make calls to Carroll Freshman Center at 637-0064.

Every attempt should be made to schedule appointments after school hours.  When appointments must be scheduled during the school day, the parent/guardian must call the school or send a note before the student will be permitted to leave the building.  Students are expected to attend school before and after appointments when time permits. Absences from school for medical or legal reasons need to be verified with a written statement from a licensed medical practitioner or legal counsel or official with whom the student met.  Upon return to school the student must present this written verification to the attendance secretary before returning to class.  Failure to do so may result in the absence being undocumented.  All documentation must be submitted to the Attendance Office within 5 school days in order to be considered documented.  The school may require medical notes for ongoing medical problems requiring frequent absence.

Students who are ill for the full school day should not be at school functions that day or evening.  Students will be considered unexcused from school if they appear on school grounds or at any school function without prior permission.  If a student arrives to school by 12:10 P.M., the student may attend or participate in a school function later that day. Students must sign in at the attendance office upon arrival to school.

No student is exempt from attendance due to pregnancy.  In the case of pregnancy related absence a physician must verify.  Pregnant students may have a shortened school schedule if necessary and approved.

Limited Absence Policy
Attendance is recorded for each class period. Carroll High School limits the number of times a student may be absent from a class/school.  Absences at Carroll High School will be denoted as DOCUMENTED or UNDOCUMENTED. If a student accumulates more than 10 undocumented absences in a school year, then discipline will be applied with possible referral to juvenile courts/BMV.  After 10 undocumented days, a student going to a medical appointment must return to school after the appointment. Also, students missing five consecutive days must present a medical statement upon return to school.  Student work permits and/or Indiana driver’s license may be revoked for excessive absenteeism.

Indiana Code 20-33-2 recognize the following reasons for days missed counted as present: (1) working as a page in the state legislature, (2) working as an official at the election polls, (3) student is subpoenaed to appear in court, (4) Student is called to active duty with the National Guard or Civil Air Patrol, (5) Participation in the Indiana State Fair by him/herself or a sibling. 

Local policies recognize the following reasons for a documented absence:  (1) personal medical or dental appointments with appropriate verification stating that student was seen at said office, or sent home at nurse’s discretion. (2) religious holidays, (3) up to 3 college visits, (4) legal obligations with appropriate documentation or (5) attendance at the funeral of family, friends or relatives. The principal or his/her designee may consider other situations when extenuating circumstances arise.  

Carroll High School does not encourage students to miss classroom instruction or assignments, or the opportunity for individual attention.  Undocumented absences are those that are not accompanied by documentation such as parent call for illness, vacation, car trouble, non-verified appointment, more than 3 college visits, or any other absence that does not fall under the documented or exempt sections above. Please limit vacation days to normal school holidays. The school recognizes that there may be unusual circumstances, emergencies, or opportunities for which a parent feels that the student must miss school.  If an unusual circumstance arises for a family, the principal or his designee will make a determination in regard to absences and work missed.  The school encourages the parent and student to pre-arrange family days with attendance office as well as all teachers. The following applies to family days:

Make-up work and tests should be completed prior to the absence when possible or upon the first day of the student’s return to school.

Students are not to be absent during the last 5 days of the semester or during State testing. Family days will be considered undocumented.

Students are responsible for gathering missed work on their first day back to school whether they have class or not (block days). All work is due the following day unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher. 

Undocumented absences will result in the following:
11th & 12th Undocumented – Detention
13th & 14th Undocumented – Monday School
15th Undocumented – 1 day in-school suspension.  Restriction of school related absences (ie: athletics, curricular, extracurricular and field trips) parent meeting and attendance contract. Referral to SOCAP
16th-19th Undocumented – 1 day in-school suspension.  Possible denial or rescinding of student’s work permit.  Continue to work with SOCAP.
20th and above Undocumented – minimum of 1 day out of school suspension with the possibility of expulsion.

A student who is chronically absent, by having undocumented absences from school for more than fifteen (15) days of school in one school year, will be defined as Habitually Truant (IC 20-33-2-11). If the student is under age eighteen, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be notified as well as the juvenile court.

Students are truant when they are absent from school or class without permission from the parent and school officials. Truancy from school includes unauthorized absences for all or part of a school day as well as leaving the school grounds unauthorized at any time.  Truancy from class includes all or part of a class.  Incidents are cumulative throughout the school year.  All work collected on the day of a student truancy (quizzes, tests, and projects included) will result in a "0" for said assignment.  Students are responsible for obtaining any assignments missed while truant.  The consequences for truancy from school are as follows:
1st offense – Monday school
2nd and 3rd offense – 1 day in-school suspension
4th offense – out-of-school suspension with possible recommendation for expulsion and parking privileges to school suspended.  

The student is considered a habitual truant on the 4th missed day and/or 15th undocumented absence. If the student is under age eighteen, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be notified as well as the juvenile court.  

Perfect Attendance
To qualify for a perfect attendance award, a student must attend every class every day of the school year.  

Late to School
Students tardy to the first class of the day (arriving up to 25 minutes after the start of the school day) will be considered late to school and are subject to the following:
3rd and 4th late to school – Detention
5th and 6th late to school – Monday school and loss of driving-to-school privilege for 30 School days
7th late to school (and beyond) – 1 day in-school suspension.  Parent notification and loss of driving-to-school (30 Days)

The late to school count starts over at the beginning of each semester.  Habitual tardiness (late to school) may result in out-of-school suspension or recommendation for expulsion.

Students that are late to school must report to the attendance office to sign in.  Any time missed from class due to being late to school is unexcused.  Illness is not an excuse for recurring tardiness or being late to school.  Being late to school may result in the loss of driving to school privileges. Cadet Teachers arriving from their teaching assignment late to Carroll High School will be considered Late to School (subject to administrative discretion).

Early Release
Students who leave school 25 minutes prior to the end of the school day will receive an early release.  An early release will not count as a day absent from school but without a medical/legal note is subject to the following:
3rd and 4th early release – detention 
5th and 6th early release – Monday school 
7th early release (and beyond) – 1 day in-school suspension, parent notification

Early Release count starts over at the beginning of each semester. 

Students tardy to classes other than the first class of the day are subject to the following:
3rd and 4th tardy – detention
5th and 6th tardy – Monday school
7th tardy (and beyond) – 1 day in-school suspension, parent notification.

The tardy count starts over at the beginning of each semester.  Habitual tardiness may result in an out-of-school suspension or recommendation for expulsion.

Failure to sign in or out of school
Upon late arrival to school or when leaving school before the end of the school day, students are to sign in or out of school in the attendance office.  Failure to do so will result in the following:
1st offense – warning
2nd and 3rd offense – Detention
4th and 5th offense – Monday School
6th offense - Insubordination

Offenses beyond the 7th will result in further disciplinary action.

Activity Period
Students are allowed to attend activities during Activity Period on Wednesdays.  Students are required to sign out of the classroom and sign in at the club to verify attendance.  Failure to sign out and in will result in a detention, Monday School or other disciplinary action.

Physical Education Excused Participation
A student may be excused from Physical Education two days per semester with a parent note.  The note must be given to the instructor prior to class. A medical note from a licensed medical practitioner must accompany the student on other days when the student is in attendance, but not participating.