AP and Dual Credit Course Offerings

Advanced Placement:
Students taking these college-level courses experience curriculum that is designed and monitored by The College Board. All students are expected to participate in AP testing at the end of the year. 

Dual Credit Courses:
These college-level courses can potentially count for both high school and college credit. Talk with your guidance counselor for more information.

Thoughts about which route to take:
Reaching the cut score with an AP Exam could translate into college credit, as could a dual credit class.

Students considering between the two routes should consider a couple things.

College Major:
AP classes are more suited to fulfill requirements within specific majors*.  (*Each college sets its own cut scores. Credit is not automatic.) 

General Studies Requirements: Students are expected to take a core set of classes at the college level. Dual Credit classes could help fulfill some of the general study requirements* but will not likely meet requirements within a student's major.  (*This is at the discretion of each institution.)