News and Updates

Fall 2022 -- Due to lower participation, Charger Online Academy Format is changed. 
Instruction will be asynchronous, student- driven through the program Edmentum. 
Student will not be able to meet Box 2 or 3 requirements through academy coursework. It will be important to work closely with your guidance counselor to ensure completion of these graduation requirements. 

Summer 2022 -- Students must apply to be part of the Charger Online Academy. 

  • Application is linked in the bar on the right.
  • Admission is conditional. Students who do not have acceptable attendance the semester prior and/or do not make adequate progress toward graduation will not be enrolled in the Charger Online Academy. 

January 4, 2022 -- Adjustments to Edmentum Procedure: 
  • It is important for you to do all the learning aspects of a unit before you take the unit quiz/test.
  • Once you take a unit quiz/test, any unfinished work from that unit will be turned to an "F" in the course.
  • You cannot get more than two-weeks off pace. Items more than two (2) weeks late will be entered as an "F".