Charger Online Academy

Charger Online Academy Format:

Our Charger Online Academy will utilize three (3) different platforms for nearly all students: synchronous, asynchronous and student driven.

  • Synchronous = instruction happens in real time between student and teacher at a specified time for each class period. This operates under a bell schedule of sorts. Students are expected to be logged on, camera on, and ready for class when the class is scheduled to begin.
    • Core Academic Classes will happen Synchronously. These classes include English, Math, Science, Social Studies and World Languages.
    • Students tardy to class will be recorded and attendance will be taken. The teacher will deliver content live streamed via Google Meet. Students are expected to respond and interact as if they were physically present in the classroom. If a student disappears during class, that is considered a truancy.
  • Asynchronous = instruction happens at a time of the student’s choosing, but materials are created and managed by Carroll High School instructors. Students will access instructional materials through a Canvas, the schools’ learning management system (LMS). Instructors will communicate office hours when student/teacher conversations, feedback, clarifying instruction, etc. will happen. Instructors will communicate with students meeting expectations, but this will be done with flexibility. While synchronous classes happen with all enrolled at a specified time each class day, asynchronous will not. For classes happening in this format, communication between the student/parent/teacher will be very important. School email will be important and students should check both their school email and Canvas messages frequently. For attendance purposes, the teacher will designate how attendance will be recorded for each class meeting that would happen that week. In a typical week at Carroll High School, students meet with each of their teachers four (4) times a week. In this case, students will have 4 check-ins with their teacher which will count as their attendance. Examples of these include, but are not limited to, Google Meets, Canvas submissions, responses to a discussion question by a specified time, response to a Google Form, etc.
  • Student Driven = students works through course material delivered through the learning platform Edmentum. Courses are student driven and include unit materials, tests and an end-of-course assessment. As the student progresses through the course, their progress will be tracked at the school and directly on the program. Students will see a green bar indicating they are on pace, a yellow bar indicating they are off pace and a red bar indicating they are at risk of not finishing the class. It is important to note as well that the grade shown can be a bit mis-leading at the start of the student-driven course because the grade will show where the student is at that point. The course may show the student has an “A”, but if the student stops working and is only 50% finished, the remaining work will be added in as no credit, adjusting the final grade. Paying attention to the pacing bar will be extremely help


School Year Logistics:

  • LUNCH NOTE: If you have a class that shows in PowerSchool as period 4 or period 5, you will want to clarify with the teacher when he/she plans to have lunch. This will determine when you should show up to the Google Meet Link.
  • Typical School week schedule: We follow a modified schedule at Carroll High School. Students have 7 periods on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. On Wednesday, they have periods 2, 4, 6 and Thursday periods 1, 3, 5, 7. This affects their Synchronous classes. Students will want to be aware of the schedule and the day.
  • Delays/Cancellations: If school is delayed, synchronous class times will be affected and will operate on the delay schedule, but will still meet with their teachers as they do all other class times. If school is cancelled and a remote learning day is implemented, students will login to Canvas and follow their teacher’s instructions.
  • Attendance Expectations: Participation in the Charger Online Academy requires adequate progress in both attendance and academics as well as proper behavior . Failures in any of these areas may result in disciplinary consequences.  
  • Behavior Expectations:
    • Students are expected to practice academic integrity. Do your own work.
    • Students are expected to respect others participating in the course, including both students and teachers. Disrupting the class environment repeatedly is grounds for removal from the Charger Online Academy.
    • Students are expected to participate in classroom activities for synchronous learning and respond when called on.
    • Students are Carroll High School Students. Therefore, the Student Handbook applies for Charger Online Academy students as well. A copy of this handbook can be found on the NACS website and on the student’s desktop.


By being enrolled in the Charger Online Academy, the parent/guardian acknowledges that the student has access to adequate internet service in order to stream classes and participate in online activities.


We look forward to a great year. Please reach out to your guidance counselor or me with questions as they arise.