Is the Online Academy BEST for YOU?

The Charger Online Academy is a blended learning program developed to provide students the opportunity to earn a Carroll High School Core 40 diploma in an online setting.  It is a semester-long commitment*.

Before getting started, the student and parent must determine:

  • if the student can work independently to finish course content
  • if the student has adequate internet service. 
  • if the student is organized and motivated to complete work independently.
  • if the student is comfortable with utilizing email, video conferencing programs, and other forms of technology for communication purposes.
  • if the student has mental health supports in place as he/she works in what could become an isolated setting
  • if the student needs direct educational support that will not happen in a virtual setting as it would in an in-person setting. 

If any of the above are concerns, please thoughtfully consult with your guidance counselor before moving forward.
Students with an IEP or ILP will need to meet with their teachers of record prior to enrolling to have revised services determined to fit an on-line setting.
*if behavior or attendance issues warrant it, students may be required to return on-site before the end of the semester.