Reporting an OLC absence

The OLC phone number: 260.489.8336

To report your student as absent for the day,
to report that your student as running late but will be attending school that day, or to report that your student needs to leave school early for an appointment, please call OLC prior to your students session. 

Absences may be reported on the OLC answering machine before or after hours.
Please leave the following information: Your students first and last name, reason why your student will not be in school, and a call back number.

When leaving a voice mail to reporting the need for your student to leave school early for an appointment:
Please include your student's first and last name, the time frame your student will be out of the building, and the time the student needs to leave the school building to make it to the appointment on time.

Student may not phone themselves in as absent. The OLC teacher must speak with a parent.