Theater Arts


By: Stallone Yovanovitch

Carroll High School's theater arts program is a dominant activity present in the curriculum. The program offers many classes such as Theater Arts, Adv. Theater Arts, Advanced Acting, and Theater Production. The classes introduce the process of becoming an actor through monologues and dialogues inflicting different types of methods used to become the characters within theater.

"The skits we do are a lot of fun and help us understand how to be good actors:, said Senior Tyler Winkeljohn.

Carroll offers 3 plays throughout the school year, one in each season. The fall play resides in a small cast, basing the play off mini skits which then collectively result a central conflict as a whole. The winter play is a musical, involving a bigger cast, and the spring play is a scripted play with a medium cast. The head of the theater program is Mr. Steve Pearson, who has been teaching at Carroll High school for over 20 years. Mr. Pearson goes into much depth to prepare students with the knowledge of acting.

"I've always kind of thought acting was cool, it's awesome to know the steps taken to be a good one:, said Sophomore Jack Gibbons.

Not only is Mr. Pearson the director of the school plays, he also provides one heck of a show. Carroll students sacrifice much time in their lives to create the product they are doing. "We practice a lot so we can eliminate any mistakes that could possibly happen on the big day of the show:, said Senior Cody Reed.