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The Cavalier's mission is to provide a chronicle of events from throughout the school year. Students work all year to capture every unique moment of student life at Carroll High School, both visually and in writing, in hopes that each one will be remembered by students and members of the community for years to come.

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Editor in Chief

Graham Ruselink

Student Life Editors
Sydni Amick
Grace Grabner

Clubs Editor
Kelsi Hoot

Sports Editor
Malia Williams

Jessica Alter Makenna Blaker Zoe Duffus Margaret Duffus Maddison Gearhart Lillie Hanas Kennedy Herschberger Ben Jackson Liz Knorr Seth Kock Emma Michell MaKayla Mickelson Sarah Mullins Sara Nelson Rylee Nuckols Leah Nugent Hannah Schenkel Eknoor Sethi Olivia Sloffer Baylee Uhrick Ayden Williams Westyn Winling

  Nol Beckley (

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