Daily School Announcements


Monday, October 30, 2023


Good Morning Carroll ----


Please stand for the ----

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: One Nation under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.


Please be seated for a ----




Early Dismals

10-12 Students if you are given an EARLY DISMAL PASS you MUST sign out in STUDENT SERVICES ---- BEFORE you leave the building.

Freshman Students – IF you are given an EARLY DISMAL PASS --- you MUST sign out in the Freshman Office ---- BEFORE you leave the building.


School Emails and Laptops

*All STUDENTS ---- You NEED to be checking your school emails every day. Staff and teachers are sending reminders and information to you via emails. AND your laptops need to be charged EVERY NIGHT so you can use them the next day in class.



*You are allowed to carry 1 backpack from class to class. Everyone has been assigned a locker or there are day lockers you can use by the weight room if you need a place to keep a backpack.

NO backpacks are permitted in the Food Lines during breakfast or lunch.


Parking Permits

Students if you are driving to school ---- YOU NEED a 23-24 Carroll Parking Permit in your vehicle.

To purchase a parking permit --- Bring your driver’s license, vehicle registration and $30.00 cash or check to student services. All vehicles that are in the student lot NEED to have a 23-24 CHS permit on it.


Closed Lunch/Food Deliveries

*CHS has a “CLOSED” lunch policy.

This means:

  • Students are NOT ALLOWED to leave campus just for eating lunch.
  • NO restaurant/fast food is to be brought into the cafeteria during lunch. If you are coming to school from Internship/Appointments/Running Late and have purchased food from a restaurant on your way here – you MUST finish eating it in your car.
  • NO restaurant/fast food can be ordered and/or delivered to students via food delivery services during school hours. If you try to have food delivered during school hours to any door --- your food will be denied. It will NOT be kept for pick up at the end of the day.








*First period teachers, if you have any students that have dressed up for Halloween, please take a moment to collect their $1 donation.

Students, if you would like to be in the running for the free Semi Formal tickets, make sure to submit a picture of your costume!  Scan the QR code off the flyers posted around the school.


10-12 Semi Formal -

When: Saturday, November 11th, from 8pm - 11pm here at CHS with the dance in the alumni gym and games in the cafeteria.

The theme is "Rave Y2K." Come out and jam to the biggest hits from 2000-2010.

Tickets - on sale Monday Oct. 30th thru Friday Nov. 3rd before and after school in the cafeteria. Tickets are $25 each – pay with CASH or CHECKS (made out to “CHS”)


Each person MUST have a ticket ----- NO Ticket = No Entry.

  *IF you are bringing a NON CHS guest ---- a guest form MUST be completed and turned into Students Services by November 7th. Guest forms are available in Student Services.

YOU may bring ONLY ONE guest. Your guest can not be a Freshman in High School. Your guest can not be 21 years old or older.



Would you like the opportunity to win a FREE SEMI FORMAL ticket? 

Student Council is sponsoring By donating $1 a day to your 1st period teacher, you can wear a Halloween costume.  To register to win a free Semi Formal ticket, scan the QR Code on the flyers around the school and submit a picture of your costume.

Reminder: Your costume CANNOT cover your face. NO masks or hats as well.




Enchanted Forest – is November 11th – 7 to 10 pm. The time IS different from 10-12 for traffic flow.

Tickets are $25.00. On sale at LUNCH October 30th thru November 3rd.

Freshman & Sophomore guests from outside of CHS are permitted IF A SPECIAL FORM IS FILLED OUT! Forms are in the CFC office or see Ms. Hopkins.







*Congratulations to the Charger Pride marching band!  On Saturday, they competed at the ISSMA state finals for the 9th time in 10 years and finished 7th which tied their highest placement in school history in class A!  


*The JV Competition Cheerleaders competed this past weekend at the Cheerleading State Finals and placed 3rd in the state. Congratulations. They performed their best routine and received their highest score of the season! Congratulations!