Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Good Morning Carroll ----


Please stand for the ----

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: One Nation under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.


Please be seated for a ----




Clothing – for Dress Code

Per CHS Handbook – Clothing (shirts, tops) must be long enough to cover your torso – in the front, back and sides. Clothing must also cover shoulders and chest area. Clothing (pants, shorts, dresses/skirts) must be long enough to cover mid-thigh. NO undergarments should be visible.


Early Dismals

10-12 Students - EARLY DISMAL PASS you MUST sign out in STUDENT SERVICES BEFORE you leave the building.

9th Grade Students – EARLY DISMAL PASS --- you MUST sign out in the CFC Office BEFORE you leave the building.


School Emails and Laptops

*All STUDENTS ---- You NEED to be checking your school emails every day. AND your laptops need to be charged EVERY NIGHT.



*You are allowed to carry 1 backpack from class to class. Everyone has been assigned a locker or there are day lockers you can use by the weight room.

NO backpacks are permitted in the Food Lines during breakfast or lunch.


To Enter the Clinic:

Students --- YOU must have a pass from a teacher to go to the clinic. If it is during passing period ---- see your next period teacher to get a pass.

If you take daily medication or you are scheduled to see the nurse --- you may come to the clinic at your scheduled time.


Closed Lunch/Food Deliveries

*CHS has a “CLOSED” lunch policy.

  • Students are NOT ALLOWED to leave campus just for eating lunch.
  • NO restaurant/fast food is to be brought into the cafeteria during lunch.
  • NO restaurant/fast food can be ordered and/or delivered to students via food delivery services during school hours. If you try to have food delivered during school hours to any door --- your food will be denied. It will NOT be kept for pick up at the end of the day.






*Students taking AP Chemistry NEXT school year – Mandatory meeting TODAY - Wednesday, May 22 in room 108 --- Immediately after school if you did NOT go to the morning meeting. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Chapman.


*Students taking AP Literature and Composition --- NEXT school year. Mandatory meeting on TOMORROW May 23rd at 8:20 am or 3:35 pm in the CHS Media Center. You MUST attend one of the meetings.


*Seniors – who are going to the Graduation Ceremony on June 9th ---

Is any part of your name easy to mispronounce? If YES – see Mrs. Wisda (room 253) or Mr. Brooks (room 233). These 2 teachers are reading student names at graduation ceremony AND they want to make sure they learn how to pronounce your name correctly before graduation day. Again – Seniors – If you think your name may be mispronounced – first, middle or last --- see Mrs. Wisda or Mr. Brooks to help them get your name pronounced correctly.


*Volunteer Hours:

Students who are current Juniors and have already been inducted into National Honor Society.

We have service hours available over the summer helping here at the school. Interested? Sign up in Student Services. Again – this is for Current Juniors Already IN National Honor Society.



*LOST and FOUND --- make sure you check the rack in the cafeteria for items that may belong to you. All items left at the end of the year will be donated.

*Clothing Items that you have borrowed from the school - NEED to be returned by the end of the week

*Elevator Keys ---- Students who have them --- Turn the key in by the end of the year. IF you do not you will be charged $25.00 for the key.

*Library Items ---- Books, Loaner Laptops and Chargers --- NEED to be returned BEFORE the end of the



*Come out and enjoy a free Film Festival TONIGHT at 7 PM in the CHS Small Auditorium. Carroll's TV and Video students will be showing their creative videos from this year. The film festival is free and open to the public TONIGHT at 7 PM. 










*Girls’ tennis played Westview in the Regional semifinal and won 5-0, improving their record to 21-4. The chargers are back in action tonight in the Regional final against Concordia.


*The Girls Track and Field Team won the Regional Meet last night, back-to-back REGIONAL CHAMPIONS for the first time in school history!




Rotation B


Clubs NOT meeting:

Chemistry Club – Kuhn

Cripe Coffee Talks – Cripe

FCCLA – Sigmon

Enlightened Leaders – Ratliff

Futsal – Booker

Munch and Read – Hopkins

RAKtivist – Smith

Snack Club – Turnbow