Thursday, April 18, 2024


Good Morning Carroll ----


Please stand for the ----

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: One Nation under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.


Please be seated for a ----




Clothing – for Dress Code

Per CHS Handbook – Clothing (shirts, tops) must be long enough to cover your torso – in the front, back and sides. Clothing must also cover shoulders and chest area. Clothing (pants, shorts, dresses/skirts) must be long enough to cover mid-thigh. NO undergarments should be visible.


Early Dismals

10-12 Students - EARLY DISMAL PASS you MUST sign out in STUDENT SERVICES BEFORE you leave the building.

9th Grade Students – EARLY DISMAL PASS --- you MUST sign out in the CFC Office BEFORE you leave the building.


School Emails and Laptops

*All STUDENTS ---- You NEED to be checking your school emails every day. AND your laptops need to be charged EVERY NIGHT.



*You are allowed to carry 1 backpack from class to class. Everyone has been assigned a locker or there are day lockers you can use by the weight room.

NO backpacks are permitted in the Food Lines during breakfast or lunch.


Parking Permits

Students if you are driving to school ---- YOU NEED a 23-24 Carroll Parking Permit in your vehicle.

To purchase a parking permit --- Bring your driver’s license, vehicle registration and $30.00 CASH to student services. If you DO NOT have a 23-24 CHS permit - you may receive a parking ticket or car may be towed


To Enter the Clinic:

Students --- YOU must have a pass from a teacher to go to the clinic. If it is during passing period ---- see your next period teacher to get a pass.

If you take daily medication or you are scheduled to see the nurse --- you may come to the clinic at your scheduled time.




Closed Lunch/Food Deliveries

*CHS has a “CLOSED” lunch policy.

  • Students are NOT ALLOWED to leave campus just for eating lunch.
  • NO restaurant/fast food is to be brought into the cafeteria during lunch.
  • NO restaurant/fast food can be ordered and/or delivered to students via food delivery services during school hours. If you try to have food delivered during school hours to any door --- your food will be denied. It will NOT be kept for pick up at the end of the day.







*If you are a Senior and a member of the National Honor Society, you can purchase a National Honor Society stole to wear at graduation. If you are interested in purchasing a stole - bring $20 to Mrs. Crawford by the end of the day Friday, April 19th.


TOMORROW - April 19th ---- is a make-up day ---- We are in school.

Again – a reminder to EVERYONE --- We are in school TOMORROW.



Dance Team:

Tryout packets are available in Student Services. IF you want to be on Carroll’s dance team you must fill out a packet and bring it to first day of tryouts on Monday, April 22nd.


Show Choir Auditions

Now’s your chance to join the nationally recognized Carroll Show Choirs! This award-winning organization is hosting auditions on April 27! You need to Prepare a 1-minute Broadway or Disney song. All other audition requirements will be taught on April 27th. Any student can audition. Sign up today at!








We need 4 volunteers to help with the Unified Track meet tonight.  You would be helping with long jump (measuring or raking).  Arrive at 5:00 and likely done by 6:00.  Please let Mr. Ginder in the athletic department know if you are available.