Application Process


A student or parent can request an application to OLC.
A teacher or administrator might make a suggestion to the student's counselor for a student to attend OLC.

Students must be a junior or senior currently attending Carroll High School to attend OLC.

Once you have made the decision to request an application, the student should take the
following steps:

1) Make an appointment to see your guidance counselor
2) Speak with your guidance counselor to see if he/she feels OLC would benefit you
3) Get an OLC application from your guidance counselor
4) Fill out the application
5) Speak with your parent(s) about OLC
6) Your parents must sign the application
7) Return the application to your guidance counselor
8) Your application will be reviewed by your counselor and signed if he/she approve of your application
9) Your application will be reviewed by the principal and signed if he/she approves of your application
10) Your application will be sent to the OLC Teacher/Director
11) The OLC teacher will phone your parents to discuss the application and answer questions
12) Your name will go on the waiting list for OLC
13) You need to update your application, if necessary, with your counselor if you have any changes
14) When there is an opening at OLC, and you are the next name on the waiting list, you will be called
15) You will either accept or decline the position being offered to you at OLC
16) You and your parent will come to the school to sign a contract for OLC
17) If you accept a position at OLC you will start at OLC on the date assigned to you by the OLC teacher

Note from OLC teacher: It is highly recommended that if a student is in jeopardy of not making graduation with their class, that a student should apply to OLC in the spring of their 10th grade year (to attend OLC in the fall of the junior year), for best chance of making graduation on time with their class.