ICE Program Requirements

What is the ICE program???

The ICE program is an elective program that qualifies a student to be a half day student IF they have job.
Students must have their employment approved by the OLC teacher.
Student employment used for the ICE program must be: paid employment that the student receives a pay check with taxes taken out.
Students must reach 270 working hours in the semester.
Students can earn two elective credits if they reach 270 working hours.
If a student does not reach 270 working hours will they not earn the credits.
Students that do not reach 270 working hours will not be allowed to do ICE in the next semester.
Students need to average 15 hours each week to reach 270 hours for the semester.
Students are required to show proof of the working hours by providing a pay stub each pay period.
A student doing the ICE program can also earn one elective credit for the textbook portion of the ICE program.
Students that come in the middle of a semester may or may not be allowed to be in the ICE program. If it is determined a student will not do ICE for one semester, the student can reapply for the ICE program in the following semester.