Many colleges will require that a student have an SAT score.
Check with all of the colleges that you are considering to see if you will need to
take the SAT.
Carroll High School offers the the SAT the 1st Sat in June and the 1st Sat in Dec. each year.
Other area schools will also offer the SAT.

To sign up for the SAT visit

Allow about 30 minutes to sign up for an account and select a testing date
for taking the SAT.
You will need to upload a photo of yourself.
You will need to pay with a credit/debit card.
Make sure to print off the eticket to the test.
Make sure to take a school ID or Drivers License with you to the testing center.
The SAT is $52.00 each time you take the test.
You usually receive your SAT results in 2-3 weeks after the testing date.