Earning Credit for a Course in Edmentum

Charger Online Academy Classes that run through the Edmentum platform are student directed. It is important students stay on pace and that they complete ALL components of EVERY unit.

As students work through their classes, they will see two different grades: The Current Grade and the Course Grade. It is important to understand the difference between the two.

  • Current Grade = the grade the student has earned so far from the classwork completed (turned in discussions, assignments and quizzes/tests).
  • Course Grade = the grade the student is earning for the entire course based off the work completed as well as the work undone. 

At the start of a course, The student will have a failing course grade. It will stay as failing well into the semester. This is because the ratio of unfinished work is still much higher than that of finished work. As the semester progresses, the course grade should improve.

Two things have to happen to receive credit for the course:
  • First, the student has to finish all of the items in the course.
  • Second, the Course Grade has to be 60% or higher. 
  • Courses are not considered complete if the final is not taken. 
Please remember, Pathway Courses are not offered through Edmentum. It is important the student works closely with his/her counselor to ensure box 2 and box 3 requirements are met.