New Student Enrollment Forms

Carroll High School registration and the first week of school are very busy for your student’s counselor.  Every effort should be made to enroll your student prior to registration and prior to the first day of school to ensure a smooth start to your student’s school year. 

Carroll High School enrollment process is a 3 part process: 

1. Complete:
- 2019-20 New Student Info.pdf - fill in/print
- Health Information Form - fill in/print
- Immunization Form - fill/print (may also submit a document signed by your doctor)
- Transportation Request - fill in/print
Carroll High School Athletics - fill in/print
Course Guide and Scheduling Forms
- Device Protection Plan - print/fill in  (optional)

2. Make an appointment with your student’s guidance counselor.  Bring:
- Completed forms
- Birth Certificate
- Proof of Residency (Utility bill, rental/lease agreement)
- Driver’s license

3. Finish the registration process by completing the necessary documents online. This information will be provided by your student’s guidance counselor after you have met with the counselor and enrolled your student.


Additional Information:
- Weekly Schedule
- Student Activities - CHS
- Student Activities - CFC
- School Map