Summer School

Carroll High School Summer School Information

Session 1:  June 6 - June 24, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Session 2:   July 11 - July 29, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Carroll High School provides students with the opportunity to take summer school to recover credits or to work ahead so they can open up space in their schedule during the school year.  Below are the courses that are available for students to take during summer school.

Online Registration closed on April 14, 2022.
If you are interested in taking summer school please print the registration form below and turn it into your guidance counselor or see your guidance counselor to get a form.

Summer School 2022 Registration Form
Summer PE Registration Form
Student-athletes that wish to participate in the summer strength/condition program and summer PE should sign up for session 2.

NOTE:  A maximum of 250 students will be enrolled in each summer session.  Students will be enrolled in summer school PE on a first-come, first-serve basis.  After the maximum number is reached, the summer session will be closed.  A letter will be sent via mail in May with specific information regarding Summer PE.

Credit Recovery Only

The courses below may be taken to recover credits.

Additional Course Options

The courses below may be taken by students to work ahead so
they can open up space in their schedule during the school year

 Algebra 1 - Semester 1 & 2
Geometry - Semester 1 & 2
Algebra II - Semester 1 & 2
English 9 - Semester 1 & 2
English 10 - Semester 1 & 2
English 11 - Semester 1 & 2
English 12 - Semester 1 & 2
Biology I - Semester 1 & 2

 Freshman PE - Semester 2
U.S. History - Semesters 1 & 2
U.S. Government

Additional course opportunities are available through Computer Based Credit Recovery.
Please consult your guidance counselor for more information.

Transportation is NOT provided for summer school.

Summer school classes will be held on the Campus of Carroll High School.  To maximize space some PE sections will be held at Carroll Middle School. 

English and Algebra: Minimum 15 students required to carry course

Computer-Based Credit Recovery, Biology, Economics, Government, Health, Phys. Ed., and U.S. History:  Minimum number of students necessary to carry class to be determined in May.  A letter will be sent in the mail in May regarding Summer School classes. 

Students are expected to be in attendance during Summer School.  Students are able to miss one day of Summer School.  Four (4) tardies of up to 15 minutes will result in one day missed.  Anything beyond one day missed (and 3 additional tardies) will result in dismissal from the program.  Medical and/or parent notes excusing students from participation are not accepted.