Monday, November 14, 2022


Good Morning Carroll ----


Please stand for the ----

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: One Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.


Please be seated for a ----







School Emails

*All STUDENTS ---- YOU need to be checking your school emails every day. Staff and teachers are sending reminders and information to you.


Student Parking Permit

*Students who are DRIVING to school at this time ---- You NEED to have a CHS student parking permit DISPLAYED on the front windshield of your vehicle to park in the student lot. To purchase a permit – bring your Driver’s License, Your Car Registration and $30.00 (cash or check) – to Student Services before or after school. Officers are now looking at vehicles in the parking lot to verify permits.


Food Deliveries/Closed Lunch

*CHS policy is NO restaurant or fast food can be ordered and/or delivered to students via food delivery services during school hours. NO restaurant or fast food is to be brought into the cafeteria during lunch. If you are coming to school from Internship/Doctors Appointment/Running Late and have purchased food from a restaurant on your way here – you MUST finish eating it in your car.


Electronic Devices

*Your phone --- is not to be OUT or USED – during school hours which is between 8:35 to 3:30. Even if you sign out for an appointment/internship/Anthis etc. ---- electronic devices ---- are not to be OUT until you are outside the school building. Again - NO phones should be OUT or USED until after 3:30

*Earbuds are NOT to be worn in the hallways and/or lunchroom. Earbuds can only be worn in class with Teacher permission.



*You are allowed to carry 1 backpack from class to class. Everyone has been assigned a locker or there are day lockers you can use by the weight room if you need a place to keep a backpack.

NO backpacks are permitted in the Food Lines during breakfast or lunch




Senior Panoramic Photo:

Seniors --- if you want to order the photo --- forms are due TOMORROW - Tuesday, November 15th to Student Services.



*Help support Cancer Services and Community Harvest Food Bank with a food drive THIS WEEK!

We need non-perishables and nutritional drinks like Boost and Ensure. The nutritional drinks are needed for people undergoing chemo and radiation treatments.

Bring your donations to the 10-12 Commons or the Freshman Cafeteria BEFORE SCHOOL. For each item you donate you will receive an entry into a drawing to win gift cards!  Drop off 200 bottles of Ensure?  Get 200 tickets. That’s one entry PER ITEM! Winners will be announced Monday November 21st!












The Charger Football team defeated Lafayette Jefferson 21-20 on Friday night to earn the first football Regional Championship for Carroll.  It was an instant classic having the Chargers come back to win the game --- when they were down 20-7 at halftime. Congratulations to EVERYONE!