Frequently asked questions

Q: Will my student receive a Carroll High School diploma?
A: Yes your child will receive a Carroll High School diploma once all requirements have been completed.

Q: Can my student walk in the graduation if they attend OLC?
A: Yes your student may walk in the graduation once all requirements are completed.

Q: Is alternative school for students that have been in trouble with the authorities or expelled from school?
A: Students come to OLC for a wide range of reasons. Students that have been expelled from their home school do not attend at OLC. OLC is for students that want to graduate from high school in an alternative setting.

Q: Can my student earn a Core 40 diploma at OLC?
A: Yes your student can earn a Core 40 if your student completes all of the requirements for a Core 40.

Q: If my student is going to attend OLC, does my student still need to attend registration at Carroll High School?
A: OLC students are still Carroll High School students and still need to attend registration.

Q: Once the application has been turned in when does my student start at OLC?
A: The date will be determined by the CHS/OLC staff to best meet the needs of each student that applies. See Application Process for more information on the application process.

Q: Can I complete Pathway courses at OLC?
A: No, students will not be able to take pathway courses through OLC. For this reason, it is very important close communication is happening between the student, parent and guidance counselor. Students without a clear path for completion of Box 2 and Box 3 will not be able to attend OLC.