CHS Media Center Staff 
NACS Curriculum Coordinator/Library & Learning Resources: Ms.Martinez
Contact Ms. Martinez:
Phone: 260.637.3161 ext. 3874 


CHS 10-12 Library Assistants: Mrs. Shilling and Mrs.Hatfield
Contact Mrs. Shilling:
Phone: 260.637.3161 ext. 3870
Email: [email protected]
Contact Mrs. Hatfield:
Phone: 260.637.3161 ext. 3870

CFC Library Assistants: Mrs Petersen and Mrs. Naibauer
Contact Mrs. Petersen:
Phone: 260-637-0064 ext. 3954
Contact Mrs. Naibauer
Phone: 260-637-0064 ext. 3954
Email: [email protected]

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