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The diamond was a part of the 1996 renovation project for the high school, which included outdoor facilities. The Chargers actually played and practiced away from Carroll High School the entire year. The 1997 season was the first full year of play on the current diamond.

Dimensions of the field are 315 ft. to the foul poles in right and left field, 350 ft. in the power alleys, and 365 ft. to center. The fence is 8 ft. high and has a 15-ft. crushed stone warning track that encircles the entire playing field.

The playing surface has become one of the best in Northern Indiana. The diamond is equipped with an underground irrigation system which was upgraded in the fall of 2005 to include all grass areas of the field. In addition to the irrigation, there are hose hookups behind home plate, the mound and in the outfield. The surface mixture of Turface and diamond mix absorbs moisture rapidly. The infield contains Kentucky Bluegrass and is aerated yearly. Drainage is improved by tile throughout the infield and outfield. The surface is maintained by adding the necessary tons of diamond mix to help keep this facility as one of the best in Northern Indiana.

The dugouts are spacious with storage racks for both visitors and home teams. In the Fall of 2004, wooden benches with storage were built for both dugouts. Gleave Construction installed protective netting in front of both dugouts during the fall of 2018. The diamond also boasts a press box that has a concession stand and restroom area on the first floor.

In 2001, the big addition was the 36 ft. by 9 ft. scoreboard standing outside the left field fence. After winning the 2010 and 2011 State Championships, we looked to commemorate these years with improvements to the scoreboard. A group of dedicated baseball supporters worked together to coordinate the improvements that are taking place to the scoreboard. It is encased with 22 ft. tall brick pillars, a decorative truss across the top as well as a new sign to show the success of the 2010 and 2011 seasons. The scoreboard was replaced with a new LED version during the summer of 2018.

New artwork and signage on the board located in left center field is another addition during this project. It is also the hopes of the program to be able to include additional signage behind the backside of the bleachers along the sidewalk down the right field line to commemorate the many other championships that the Chargers have earned during the program's history.

Each fall the staff looks to improve on the first-class facility, which also includes two full-length batting tunnels down the right field line as well as two complete bullpens.

In the Spring of 2008, an existing outbuilding on campus was relocated just outside of the right field fence and will serve as storage and a clubhouse for the players and coaches.

The field sits to the south of the high school between the softball and soccer fields. A parking lot containing approximately 800 spaces is located just beyond the left field fence. The stadium is estimated to seat nearly 750 fans.

Future dreams would be to improve on the landscaping, add additional seating behind home plate, and build a brick backstop. Just to name a few. The coaches never quit dreaming and will always be looking to improve an already excellent facility.