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Student Drop-off
In order for student drop-off to run more smoothly and for students to be to school on time, students need to unload all along the drop-off zone.  Please watch the video below for more more clarity.  This is our drop-off zone for the next couple of years, and it will take the cooperation of all involved to expediate this process.

Coming February 1, 2024
  -- Door 19 is the new student entrance.
Door 13 & Door 32 closes.  Student drivers and Student Drop off all enter Door 19. The West Wing (freshmen entrance -- Door 32) will be closed.  Parents and students using Door 32 will now use Door 19.  Walkers will use Door 1. 

As we shift to our "New Normal" for the beginning of the day arrival, please allot extra time and extra patience as everyone adjusts to these changes. 

Construction Preparations are underway