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Career Exploration Internship Program


Career Exploration Internship at Carroll High School offers senior students an opportunity to explore career pathways while still in high school. The internship program offers students meaningful, hands-on experiences to help create a link between school and the world of work. 

Class of 2025: 
Are you interested in the Internship Program? Choose either AM or PM Career Exploration Internship on your Course Selection Sheet - due by Friday, February 2. 
AM internship (5681AM & 5682AM) will be scheduled for periods 1 & 2 with an optional travel period 3 (231 & 232)
PM Internship (5681PM & 5682PM)  will be scheduled for periods 6 & 7 with an optional travel period 5 (201 & 202)

Students interested in the Career Exploration Internship will meet during the activity period on Wednesday, February 21

Individual meetings with the internship coordinator will occur from February 26 - March

Students should have their internships secured by June 1
Please see Janet Crawford (internship coordinator) if you have questions. Her office is off the commons, by the alumni gym. Feel free to email her at 

**Those students interested in Parkview & Dupont Hospital internships will complete an application with me, do not reach out to Parkview or Dupont through their website or individually. 

**Don't have room for an internship in your schedule, but still want to gain experience? Parkview is offering clinical & non-clinical Job Shadowing and Observation opportunities. Job Shadowing allows a student to see what it's like to work in a department or in a specific role for 1-8 hours in a single day. An Observation allows for the same experience but for multiple days, up to one week. See Mrs. Crawford if you are interested in learning more about either opportunity. 

Businesses & Organizations - are you interested in partnering with us?
Student Availability:
Senior students are available while school is in session, in August-May, excluding school breaks. Students can complete a one-semester or a two-semester internship. Each semester is 18 weeks. Students are available approximately 2 hours every day, either in the morning or the afternoon.

Internship Benefits for Students:

  • Apply academic knowledge in a professional setting
  • Develop workplace problem-solving skills
  • Engage in continual self-reflection
  • Expand career opportunities and networks

Internship Benefits for Business Partners:

  • Create relationships for future recruiting
  • Develop employee skills for the local workforce
  • Engage employees in fostering a growth mindset
  • Publicize educational involvement in the community

Internship Coordinator:
Janet Crawford