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Concussion Info & Return to Play Protocol

Return to Play Protocol

If at any time your student athlete sustains an injury that results in even a single symptom of a concussion then it is required by the IHSAA to hold that athlete from competition until a concussion can be ruled out or your athlete has been cleared by a physician.

Below are two videos which will provide more information on concussions:
Concussions 101 - a Primer for Kids and Parents
What happens when you have a concussion?

If a concussion is suspected then your athlete must have a doctors note from a physician stating that they are now symptom free and are cleared to begin the return to play protocol. Please print the Concussion Release Form and return it to the athletic trainers once it is filled out by your physician.


The return to play process begins on the date stated by the physician and each phase must have 24 hours between them. The phases are as follows:

Step 1: May participate in light activity on the following date (10 min. on an exercise bike, walking, or light jogging; but no weight training, jumping, or hard running)

Step 2: May participate in moderate activity on the following date (Moderate intensity activity on an exercise bike, jogging, or weight training [reduce time and/or weight than normal])

Step 3: May participate in heavy; non-contact physical activity on the following date (Sprinting, running, high intensity exercise bike, and weight lifting; but no contact sports)

Step 4: May return to practice and full contact in a controlled practice on the following date

Step 5: May return to full game/practice with no restrictions on the following date

NOTE: If any symptoms return during the return to play test then the test must be stopped and will resume once symptoms have resolved. The phase that produced the symptoms will be the starting phase in this process. If symptoms continue to return then the athletic trainer may refer you to have a follow up with the clearing physician.

The athletic trainers would be happy to direct you to a physician who specializes in concussions.
Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents and AthletesConcussion Fact Sheet for Parents and Athletes page 2