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Injuries at school, practice, or home event:

Any injuries that occur on Carroll HS's campus should be reported to the athletic training staff as soon as possible. An athletic trainer will be at all home sporting events in the case of an emergency. The Athletic Trainers will evaluate the injury and, based upon the evaluation, make a determination as to what the most appropriate course of care for the athlete. Treatment will be based upon the athletic trainer's experience, established protocols and standing orders furnished by our team physicians and/or caring physician. In most cases, injuries are minor in nature and the athlete can be successfully treated in the athletic training room.

If the injury is more extensive or will require further medical evaluation by a physician, the athlete's parent/guardian will be contacted by the athletic trainer and provided with information about the injury and can recommend a physician or help with appointments to speed up the down time.


Injuries off campus or at away events:

When available, an athletic trainer will travel on the road with some athletic teams. Varsity football will have an athletic trainer travel with them as mandated by state law. If an athlete is injured while on the road, he/she should report that injury to the host school athletic trainer, his/her coach, and then to a Carroll HS athletic trainer as soon as possible following their injury.

If you are concerned about an injury that your child suffered during athletics, PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL THE ATHLETIC TRAINERS.

If an injury which appears minor one day, and becomes more bothersome the next day, please call the athletic training room so that we can assist you in the next appropriate steps. It is always your right as a parent to seek further medical care for your child if you have any doubts as to the seriousness of his/her injury. It is strongly recommended that you contact the sports medicine staff before taking your child to the physician of your choice. Often, the athletic trainer can eliminate unneeded waiting time and have your child seen in a timely fashion.

Anytime you take your child to a physician for an athletic injury we ask that you obtain in writing the doctor's instructions for treatment and return to play guidelines for us to appropriately (and legally) treat your child.