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Letter Jacket Information

Awards, such as, but not limited to, the Carroll "C" letter, numerals, chevrons, pins, and conference and IHSAA patches, are worn only on the Carroll High School letter jacket. In order to purchase a jacket you must have already received your varsity letter in an IHSAA sport or lettering organization sponsored by Carroll High School (Cheer, Dance, Band, Show Choir).

Boys Jackets should be:
Dark royal blue/white trim with tan leather sleeves.

Girls Jackets:
Dark royal blue/white trim/cloth blue sleeves with or without a hood

Jackets are available from the Carroll Gameday Store starting at $180. Upcharges for sizesL -XXL are listed below. These jackets are not decorated. You will have to put on the "C", numerals, etc. yourself or see below for recommendations on a service to do it for you.

Verification of being a letter winner must be done prior to purchasing a jacket. This can be done a couple ways:

1) Have the letter in hand at the time of purchase. (This is the only method of verification if done directly at the Gameday Store on a game night or after school).

2) Come to the Athletic Office during school hours and verify with a member of the Athletic Department Staff.

Send your son or daughter to the Athletic Department with this form to begin the process to verify and pay.

  XS   40 XL 48-50
  S   42 XXL 52-54 ($5 UP CHARGE)
  M   44 XXXL 56-58 ($10.00 UP CHARGE)
  L   46 XXXXL 60 ($20.00 UP CHARGE)


Recommendation for the sewing on of letters, numerals, chevrons and patches:


Teresa Cornewell
Phone: 260-433-6081
Located NE Fort Wayne.
Same day turn around.
$5/letter, numeral, patch.
$20 embroidered name on the back.
$10 embroidered name on the front.