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Athlete Medical Information (SWOL123)



  1. Go to Sportsware Online
  2. Click on “Join Sportsware”
  3. The School I.D. is OPSMake sure to click “Next” rather than hitting Enter on the keyboard.
  4. Fill out information: Athlete's name, parent's email, Carroll HS. Click “Send.” Wait for an email to create a password. The athletic trainer must “Approve” before you will receive this email. This approval process just allows us to combine records with previous year's records for the same athlete. Please allow a couple days for the athletic trainer to approve your athlete. This email can sometimes be sent to your junk mail so be sure to check there also.
  5. Open the email and click the link below your athlete's name.
  6. Enter the same email you used before, create a password and type the same password into “confirm password.” Click “Save.” DO NOT hit ENTER on the keyboard.
  7. You will be redirected to the main SWOL page. Enter your email and the password you just created and click “Login”
  8. Click on “MY INFO” and fill out all areas marked with a RED STAR. Make sure you fill out all sections (General, Address, Emergency, Insurance, and Medical.) *Under Medical, if you do not have any alerts, medications, or primary doctor then enter N/A. It will be marked as incomplete if left blank. Press “Save”. If any information is left blank you will be redirected to a page that will list incomplete sections. Please go back and fill out missing areas.
  9. Back on the main page of your athlete's profile be sure to click on “FORMS.” This is where the Parent's Consent Form is located and must be completed.
  10. Click on “SELECT” next to parent consent form. It will highlight orange, then click “OPEN.”
  11. Fill out grey areas on the form and click “SAVE AND SUBMIT.” (Clicking on “Save” only saves an unsigned form for later.) You will then be prompted to electronically sign the form. Click “SAVE”
  12. The athletic trainer will review the information and then CLEAR your athlete to play if all information is complete. Please allow a few days before contacting your athletic trainer about clearance.

You may use the same email for more than one athlete but you will need to close your browser and then go back into it to set up the next athlete.